Reason to shop from us!

Sittin-Pretty-USA is a retail site providing unique novelty t-shirts and other products that show our support of not only the U.S. Armed Forces but also the Homeland heroes,and those that support us. The Profits from each sale go to helping our fellow wounded and thier families we also support several outstanding Military groups such as the Oklahoma V.A. Volunteers, Our main focus is to help Oklahoma Wounded & Injuried Veterans and thier families. Our goal is to work with and help our fellow groups in thier goals of Supporting our troops, it's an honor to work with them. Please contact us for discount information on larger orders or fund raising events. Some special orders such as 4X sizes may take alittle longer to process ( but I promise we will do whatever it takes to make you happy). GMCM LARRY & SAILOR-DOG PROUD SPONSOR OF OKLAHOMAN'S HELPING OKLAHOMA VETERANS.